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  • Provides 24/7 Careers Information to Job Seekers

  • Implementation is fast and free with your site set up and your first job(s) listed within a couple of days

  • Custom Web Pages "Sell the Company" to Applicants and are mobile optimized

  • There is a front screen that you can link to from your site, and it has the same look and colors scheme of your site

  • Your application is available online for job candidates, and you can customize the application to fit your needs

  • You can track candidate's progress through the application and hiring process 

  • Automates Compliance Reporting

  • You can print completed applications if you wish, with or without interview notes and/or email history, and different users can be given different access

  • You can easily send emails to applicants using custom templates

  • In addition to being posted on your site, with a few clicks your jobs can be posted for free on sites that you would otherwise pay for such as Indeed, LinkedIn and others.

  • ApplicantPool makes it quick and easy to sponsor your listings on sites such as Indeed & ZipRecruiter and push to state job sites.

  • Tracks the Best Sources of Applicants & New Hires with site & visitor analytics

  • Allows two-step application if you want only short-form initially with request for complete app prior to interview

  • Pre-screen questions can be used to qualify and/or score applicants based upon responses

  • Manager log-ins allow tracking of individual activities on all apps

  • Search function includes wildcard characters and information in both applications and attached documents

  • Ability to spotlight apps for managers in other areas

  • Ability to schedule interviews via emailed invitations with link to add to calendar

  • Strong ability to create templates for job listings and screening questions

  • Fully-integrated background checks, video interviews and onboarding system

  • You can trial the system for 30 days for free, and we do not require a contract

  • View more about ApplicantPool / ApplicantPro at 


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