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Step One Survey

"The Step One Survey helped our company reduce turnover by 50% by weeding out high risk candidates" David Orf - Clayton Corporation

"We not only reduced our turnover from 61% to 27%, but for the first time in our history, production lines are fully staffed." Linda Newman - Gambro BCT

"I've been receiving very important feedback from the Step One Survey™ screening program. It has enabled me to learn insightful information prior to employment about an individual's attitudes as they relate to honesty/integrity, substance abuse, reliability and work ethic that ordinarily wouldn't be discovered until after someone is employed - then it's too late! Also, the direct admission portion provides open-ended interview questions that make the interview more structured and effective."

Judie Posner, Human Resources Manager

"Step One has proved to be a useful tool in gauging employee work ethic, integrity and propensity to substance abuse. We use the test as part of the interview process. The face-to-face interview, reference checks and Step One test all play equal roles in determining the success of a candidate. We have determined that Step One is very accurate in identifying potential problem areas."

Margo Stewart, Human Resources Manager

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how delighted we are with the Step One Survey. After interviewing over a dozen applicants we found the Step One Survey to be a useful inexpensive tool to help us screen applicants. The survey is beneficial for asking all the questions we should have and then suggesting follow up questions in areas that need more explanation."

Ed Boerman, President

Customer Service Survey

"We recently used the customer service as a training tool to help our existing staff better understand their strengths and weaknesses. I found the Survey most helpful in identifying areas that our team members both excel at and can use additional training."

Aimee Hathaway, Human Resources Manager

The Sales Indicator

"After we started using the Sales Indicator, we found that we had been making the same mistake that everyone else does, hiring on 'gut feel'."

Mike Domenico, Sales Manager, Town North Mazda

"In one year of use with our sales division, we have reduced turnover from 44% to 28% -- a 60% reduction or approximately $2 million savings. We have also noticed we are making money sooner with better sales people."

L. Harrell-Cray, Director of Human Resources, OCE USA

The Profile

"We have used assessments for several years in the past to no avail before being introduced to Profiles International. We have now used Profiles assessments for five years, reducing our turnover rate by one-third."

John Porretto, EVP & COO, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

"The Profile Assessment has enabled our company to benchmark the performance standards in our sales executives so that we can strive to hire the best most productive candidates in the shortest amount of time. It saves us about $45,000 each time we can avoid hiring the wrong person. In addition, the Internet application with onscreen administration, instant analysis and report generation makes administration very easy and efficient."

Howard Falkow, Director of Human Resources, Multex

"In a small company it is absolutely essential that the incoming people have the character and temperament to fit in. Public Relations is pressurized enough without having to sort out internal staff and personality clashes caused by hiring people with the wrong fit. As a small company, I would now never consider hiring anyone without first running them through the Profile."

Ronnie Simpson, Managing Director

"We have been using Profiles Assessments since 1993 and I want to compliment you and your company on the constant development of new products and the improvements you have made through the years. The Profile gives me information about our people that is not just "on target," it hits the bulls-eye every time. Using The Profile, we are improving productivity and the efficiency of every employee. It is an incredibly effective tool that I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend."
James M.D. Maloney, President

Profiles Team Analysis

"Profiles Team Analysis pinpointed exactly the same challenges as were demonstrated during the teams existence. Had we known before, what we learned after the fact, these team's ability to perform effectively could have been greatly enhanced. As it was, they threatened themselves from within. With a few minor changes, significantly greater performance could have been realized."

G. Benson Lange, Director of Engineering, Griffin International

CheckPoint 360° Feedback System

"The Checkpoint 360 is the best product in this category that I've used. As you know, this tool replaced another product that we had been using exclusively for almost two years. The managers and executives at Spectrum Healthcare Services (SHS) receive more valuable information in an easy to read, color-coded format, which encompasses everyone's individual learning style. Not only is there validated feedback, but a comprehensive action plan that each person may use to implement change, based on the facts from their customized report."

Patricia L. Keeley, Director, Training and Development

"We have had extremely positive feedback from participants about the complete and detailed input they receive in their Individual Feedback Report. The data is colorfully presented in multiple formats so that participants can view their management and team competencies first with a wide-angle lens and then progressively narrow the focus all the way down to the survey item level."

Susan Lupo, Management Development Specialist

What other clients say about us!

AT&T - What impressed me most about the results of [the] surveys was the fact that in every case, people come out where I expected them to. It proved to be reliable and foolproof. I found it particularly interesting that the lower performers on my team were also the lower scorers on the assessment.

Nexxus of New England - The Prevue has been able to enhance our annual review process by focusing our sales team members on areas that will help them move to the benchmark we established.

McDonalds - The Success Patterns generated by your studies prove to be very valuable, and certainly has helped us to focus on the important traits of our most successful managers. The Profiles assessment system is an excellent tool for training and promoting employees as well as new hires.

Creative Nail Design - Everyone from HR to Operations to Marketing benefited from the 360 in identifying strengths and areas for improvement through the eyes of the team! We especially like the involvement or peers and direct reports in the performance review process!

Columbia Beauty Supply - It allows us to understand why some of our sales people struggle and tell us what needs to be done to improve performance. In some instances it cut our losses short and put a better qualified person in the field. It keeps of from making big costly mistakes that gut feel hiring can lead to.

Pepsi - Your products help keep us focused on the job and help us save time by qualifying the candidates throughout the selection process. The Profiles assessment system has helped us establish a framework to quantify those skills, interests and abilities that we are seeking in the individuals that we hire. The interview questions have been extremely helpful!

Valassis Communication - Two years ago I started using these two tests in my hiring process, at that time our turnover was 14%. Our turnover rate now is 2.23%. This has been an unprecedented change for our division.

Mid City Salon Resources - The Prevue allows us to better select and get to know new hires and better understand how best to manage for high sales productivity!

American Association of Cosmetology Schools - Comments on your New Art of Hiring Smart Seminar were as follows: Exceeded our Expectations! Gave me materials we can put to use tomorrow! Made me think of things we need to work on in our business! - It saves us $45,000 each time we can avoid hiring the wrong person!

Redken Distributor Associates - The Step One Survey gives us the image of a savvy, organized company that insists on honesty, punctuality, and a drug free environment. The survey's suggested questions help us focus on areas of concern. We highly recommend it to small businesses like ours.
Freightliner - Prior to using your instruments, our rate of retention was 3 out of 10 technicians. It is now 7 out of 10 technicians which has resulted in an additional 5 percentage points of gross profit, which for my department is well over $100,000 a year!


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